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Going Ape S#!t 
​​​​​​​Communicate with the brain in mind

The neuroscience of communication, negotiation and leadership

The digital revolution (accelerated by the COVID-19 epidemic) and rapidly changing social attitudes means that understanding, predicting, and influencing others behaviour has never been more important. 
During this thought provoking and highly practical  90 minute session, Psychologist and Behavioural Economist Phil Slade along with Decida co-founder Roshelle Weir, will go beyond emotional intelligence to explore the logic of how we think and how to quickly build empathy, trust and confidence with key people of influence.  
Successfully influencing others, negotiating and driving outcomes is directly correlated with masterful communication skills (the timing, type, quality and order of content communicated). 

You will be introduced to the key psychological construct of APSI, which is a guide to how we rationally process information and how we can navigate complex situations without triggering people’s reactivity. Practical guides and tips sheets delivered in the session will ensure you can practically apply this insight into your everyday life and start seeing the benefits of APSI immediately.

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