Developing a 'Performance Mindset' Culture

About The Webinar

At GEMS Wellington International School in Dubai, they have been using HPL to help them to develop a performance mindset culture over the last academic year.

In this webinar, two of their teachers  will share their experience of how they used High Performance Learning's VAAs and the ACPs to do this. Charlotte Nwachukwu is a teacher in Lower School, and Beth Swinscoe is a teacher of English in Middle and Upper School.

  • Mindset shift. Find out how GEMs Wellington International School in Dubai changed staff and student mindset.

  • Performance Mindset. What is performance mindset and how can it help student outcomes. 

  • VAAs and ACPs. How HPL's ACPs and VAAs can support mindset shift in school. 

  • Jamie Powis

    Webinar Host

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