Free Educational Workshop: Hosted By CPA/Attorney James Lange

What Retirees Can Do Now to Combat Market Downturn: A Roth IRA Strategy Webinar

During recent testimony on Capitol Hill, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen predicted that inflation is likely to persist and worsen during the next several years.

To add to the financial misery index, that same week, the S&P 500 briefly fell into bear market territory with a 20% drop from its previous high.

And, according to the Congressional Budget Office, last year’s deficit was $2.8 trillion and that gap between spending and revenue will grow starting in 2024…
As a firm that advises many retired and soon to retire clients on finances, retirement, and estate planning, we know that many people are very concerned about their retirement savings and inflation and want to seek information from the most knowledgeable experts.

​​​​​​​Which makes it all the more disturbing to see less-than-reputable financial professionals attempt to seize upon retirees’ legitimate fears to peddle products and services that come with big price tags and commissions but do little to address the problem

But we believe there are proactive things many older Americans can do to protect their families’ financial security during a market downturn (and those same strategies will also help preserve wealth and minimize taxes for the surviving spouse, children, and grandchildren many years down the road).

​​​​​​​And many of those proven proactive strategies involve Roth IRAs and Roth IRA conversions…  

​​​​​​In this session, you’ll discover:​​​​​​​

  • The tax-minimizing benefits of well-timed Roth IRA conversions and the potential strategic synergy of making Roth conversions during a market downturn

  • The tax-accelerating impact the SECURE Act will have on your retirement plans and how Roth IRA conversions can help defend against it

  • How SECURE Act 2.0, if passed, could impact Roth IRA conversion planning

  • The peer-reviewed math & optimal timing for Roth IRA conversions

  • The one single financial decision that can get you bigger Social Security checks

  • The implications of the back-door Roth and what to do about it in 2022

  • and more...

  • Presented by James Lange:

    Jim Lange is a CPA, attorney and a Registered Investment Advisor whose tax and estate planning strategies have been endorsed by The Wall Street Journal (36 times).

    He’s written 9 best-selling books including Retire Secure!, which received praise from many of the country’s top financial experts including Charles Schwab, Larry King, Jane Bryant Quinn, and Roger Ibbotson.

    And his forthcoming book, Retire Secure for Professors, includes a foreword by Burton Malkiel.

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