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Thoughtful Nuggets & Pearls: Creating New Earth with Guest Sarah Chave

About This Program

It is time to birth a new future! The transformation of the external world starts with each of us as individuals. Let us work together to make this change, to be the change we want to see in the world! 
As the world of competition and exploitation is failing, we have the choice to step away and do things differently. To birth a future that is a reflection of our souls acquired wisdom and our deep connection with Mother Earth.

  • What can we create together?
  • What can we dream into being?
  • What does the new earth that we wish to build look like? 

Join Sara Jane & Sarah as they explore the possibilities of a new and better future for us all and feel free to join in, in the live chat.

  • Sara Jane

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  • Sarah Chave

    Webinar Host

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