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 Recognizing Direct and Referenced Requirements in
Coatings Industry Standards

About The Webinar

Many industry standards contain both direct and referenced requirements, and the coatings industry is not immune to this. While the focus of most training and certification programs is often placed on knowing the direct requirements, the referenced requirements are equally important and frequently overlooked. Since training courses often do not place emphasis on the referenced requirements, many certified inspectors are unaware they even exist and are not performing tests that they should be to determine specification conformance. ASTM standard practices and test methods, SSPC/NACE (now AMPP) surface preparation standards as well as SSPC standards for coating application and dry film thickness measurements contain these hidden “nuggets.” This webinar will explore the direct and referenced requirements in some of the most commonly specified standards. A “Must See” for any trained and/or certified coatings inspector.

​​​​​​​Participation in this webinar will enable you to:

  • Describe the difference between direct and referenced requirements;

  • Recognize the importance of inspecting for compliance with both direct and referenced requirements in terms of specification conformance

  • List commonly invoked coatings industry standards that contain referenced requirements;

  • Describe inspection procedures for referenced requirements

  • Bill Corbett

    Webinar Host

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