Supervisor Awareness Training Replay

CannAmm Training Replay

Together we will examine supervisor drug and alcohol awareness training (Non-DOT). This bundled opportunity will also analyze cannabis workplace safety for employers. 

Ensure your team is ready to meet and exceed your workplace health and safety goals with a skills test. Upon successful completion and a knowledge-based quiz, participants will receive a CannAmm Supervisor Awareness Certificate.

Webinar Replay Length: 2 Hours, Q&A: 30 Minutes 

  • Supervisor Drug & Alcohol Awareness Learning Objectives

    • Describe the different reasons for workplace drug and alcohol testing 
    • List the drugs that are included in workplace drug and alcohol testing 
    • Describe the supervisor’s role in workplace drug and alcohol testing that ensures a drug-free workplace
    • Explain and give examples of how supervisors should fulfill their role in workplace drug and alcohol testing 
    • Explain and provide examples of how supervisors should fulfill their role in accommodating medical treatments and self-disclosed addiction
    • Conduct a post-accident investigation 
    • Recognize when post-accident testing is required 
    • How to complete the required documentation of post-accident testing 
    • Explain how enabling behaviour decreases workplace safety and how to avoid it 
    • Recognize the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use and abuse in the workplace to justify appropriate reasonable cause testing in safety-sensitive positions
    • Complete required documentation justifying reasonable cause testing


  • Cannabis Learning Objectives

    • Describe cannabis and its side effects
    • Describe short, medium, and long-term effects of impairment
    • Explain the difference between impairment and intoxication
    • Describe the difference between risk management and impairment management
    • Recognize employers' duty to accommodate
    • Recognize employees' duty to be fit for work
    • Recognize the signs of impairment at work and the increased risks this poses
    • Understand the adverse effects of cannabis​​​​​​​
  • Dan Demers

    Webinar Host

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