Taking OET on computer at a test venue. Your questions answered

Find out everything you need to know about OET on computer - the new delivery mode of OET.

  • Alex Austen

    Education Content Manager - OET

  • Lauren Terrill

    Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator - OET

  • What is OET on computer?

    With OET on computer, the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking sub-tests are taken on a computer, rather than pen and paper.  Listening, Reading and Writing are taken on computer at a test venue and the Speaking sub-test is taken via Zoom, at home or other suitable location.

  • What will I learn in the webinar?

    At the end of this webinar, you will understand how the paper and computer modes of OET compare and how the OET on computer test is formatted. Our expert speakers will address frequently-asked questions and during the live Q&A you can pose your own questions about this exciting new way to take OET.

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