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Agency Mastermind: The Unspoken Dangers Of Not Aligning Product Pricing and Ad Spend (& How It Can Sabotage Your Business + Profits)

We all know that managing product pricing alongside marketing costs is critical to success in today's constantly shifting Amazon marketplace.

Unfortunately, too many agency owners and sellers either misunderstand how to do this well or neglect it entirely and are likely leaving BIG profits on the table. How can you be sure this is not you?

Register now, then join us LIVE for this special, invite-only Agency Mastermind event, as we welcome eCommerce trailblazer Chad Rubin  to the table for the complete, insider look into why pricing alignment really matters + how to ensure your business is set-up to thrive in 2023.

  • Jon Tilley

    CEO, ZonGuru

  • Chad Rubin

    Founder, Profasee; Prosper Show; Skubana

  • How to Build a Successful Pricing Strategy

    Discover the key factors to consider when creating an Amazon marketing-pricing strategy + how to overcome common traps... and more!

  • Amazon Agency Mastermind

    Hear from other CEOs and leaders, see how others are resolving key issues & pool your collective knowledge.

  • LIVE Q&A: Get Your Questions Answered

    Join the conversation, get your specific questions answered and learn how other agency owners and accomplished sellers are solving key pricing issues.

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