Friday, March 19th @ 5:00 pm PT/8:00 pm ET

Come together virtually to watch the award-winning documentary, "The Condor & The Eagle" and follow-up discussion featuring protagonists from the film. This documentary offers a glimpse into a developing spiritual renaissance as the film's protagonists learn from each other’s long legacy of resistance to colonialism and its extractive economy. Their path through the jungle takes them on an unexpectedly challenging and liberating journey, which will forever change their attachment to the Earth and one another. This screening event is an opportunity to reflect on our common purpose: to honor the Earth and its Indigenous communities. 

The event is hosted by Climate Hawks Vote, an organization devoted to building political power for the climate movement. They help recruit, train and elect candidates who are fierce champions of climate justice and uncompromising advocates of climate action - true climate hawks - while building grassroots power to make sure our leaders advance the policies that are needed to address climate change. 

This screening is inclusive, free to those who can't afford it. For all others, suggested donations on a sliding scale of $10 - $100 are requested in lieu of a flat ticket price. These collected donations will support both Climate Hawks Vote's initiatives and the film's "No More Sacrificed Communities" campaign to keep supporting the incredibly important work of the film's protagonists. Please give generously according to your financial ability.

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    This event is inclusive, free to those who can't afford it. For all others, suggested donations on a sliding scale of $10-$100 are requested in lieu of a flat ticket price. These donations will support Climate Hawks Vote's initiatives and the film's impact campaign "No More Sacrificed Communities" to keep supporting the incredibly important work of the film's protagonists. Please give generously according to your financial ability.



    By joining us for this screening, you are supporting effective movement-building towards powerful change and calls to action. This event is part of the film impact campaign "No More Sacrificed Communities".

    Our first events in July were a huge success. 6,000 people watched our film, 150,000 watched our panel discussions and we raised more than $25,000 for impacted communities. We therefore decided to keep organizing events on an even larger scale: we are currently organizing online events, mobilizing hundreds of communities and organizations, presenting to large audiences the inspiring work being done by land defenders across the Americas. Join us and support frontline communities!

    You can reach out directly to the film impact team here: [email protected]


    She has played an important role in the fight for indigenous rights. Gualinga is a spokeswoman for many environmental projects. Gualinga works to protect the Kichwa People of Sarayaku community from human rights violations resulting from oil extraction projects by Chinese companies on their land. She is a spokesperson for the indigenous-led proposal 'Kawsak Sacha', or 'Living Forest', that calls for legal protection of the Ecuadorian Amazon.


    Because of Casey’s work the Ponca Nation is the first Tribe in the State of Oklahoma to adopt the Rights of Nature Statute, and to pass a moratorium on Fracking on Tribal Lands. Casey was also instrumental in the drafting, and adoption of the first ever International Indigenous Women’s Treaty protecting the Rights of Nature.


    Cree from Northern Alberta, Co-Founder of Indigenous Climate Action where she is the Program Director, and Founder of Sacred Earth Solar. She is the host of TV series Power to the People. Facing firsthand impacts of the Alberta tar sands in her traditional territory, Melina has been a vocal advocate for Indigenous rights. For over a decade, Melina worked as a Climate and Energy Campaigner with Greenpeace Canada and the Indigenous Environmental Network internationally.


    Film Protagonist. Yudith a queer Mexican-American artist, interpreter, and organizer, enjoying spending time in the bayous of Louisiana. She is part of the core leadership circle for Another Gulf Is Possible and a youth organizer with Los Jardines Institute. For over 5 years, Yudith has been fighting for the rights of her fenceline community in Manchester, Houston in collaboration with T.E.J.A.S, and last year was named one of 50 Fixers of 2018.


    Film Protagonist - Xicano Houston, TX - Healthy Communities Organizer with Sierra Club and Co-Founder of t.e.j.a.s. He is a longtime environmental justice advocate based in Houston, TX. He co-founded the Librotraficante movement, serves as an Advisor to the Gulf Coast Fund, and sits on the board of the Environmental Support Center. Bryan was recently awarded a Gulf Coast Fellowship and has been working to help organizations use media for education, organizing, and advocacy.

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