How To Use Facebook
To Generate 100 Leads
​​​​​​​With $100 or Less

​​​​​​​Anything good about COVID-19
Buyer and seller leads are cheaper!!!  
Learn how to effectively invest your marketing dollars, to promote your real estate business!


  • How to generate leads on a daily basis with minimal investment. (Less than $100 dollars)​​​​​​​

  • The IDEAL CONTENT on Facebook during and after the pandemic.

  • How to get the right name, email and phone number of pontential buyers and sellers.

  • How to convert leads into buyers & sellers.

  • Orlando Montiel

    Real Estate & Business Coach

  • Testimonials

  • Riley Smith, Berkshire Hathaway (#1 Agent in Miami / 300+ transactions closed in one year)

    "Congratulations to all of you guys, I’ve been doing this a long time and I don’t run into to many people who take the time to really care about their business and work on their craft. One of my sayings, you have to work to learn before you work to earn. Orlando knows a lot and is the coach that I recommend to most agents in the industry."

  • Anthony Askowitz, Re/Max Advance Realty (Averaging 125 transactions closed in a year for the past ten years)

    "I’m a firm believer in coaching. My first coach came in 2002. I had hit a plateau. I couldn’t get over selling 100 homes in a year. I went from 100 transactions to 170 transactions the following year. Even to this day, I have always had a coach, for 38 years. With coaching, I get better. That is why I have you, Orlando, as my business and real estate coach”.

  • Nancy Batchelor - Berkshire Hathaway - Realtors - 96 Transactions Closed In One Year

    “If you want to improve, you need to go to classes and get a coach, that is how I found Orlando and The Montiel Organization.”

  • Nivaldo Soria Julie's Realty Awarded #1 Top Producer 3 Years In Row

    "After my very frustrating first and a half year in real estate, I said to myself, I'm going to give this business one final opportunity, I'm going to hire a coach. I decided to go with the Montiel Organization. It's been almost 2 years since I made that decision. I'm still in coaching and my productivity has gone from less than $30,000 to well over the 6 figure income every year, for the past two years. More important, I have been able to develop a strategy that has allowed me to concentrate on sellers and become the dominant listing agent in my niche area. The marketing strategy that I learned from the Montiel Organization, allows me to say that I do not call clients, clients call me."

  • Darin Tansey, Douglas Elliman (200+ million in listings in 2020)

    "I am proud to congratulate my friend and business coach Orlando Montiel on his new book The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Book: Real Estate Top Producers. I am very humbled to have the honor of being part of it!"

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