How scenario planning of terminal operations supports the successful management of the COVID-19 recovery

As most countries are slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, air traffic is expected to resume and pick up momentum. While restarting operations is good news for all airports, new rules and regulations to protect passengers’ and airport staff’s safety are in full effect and require special planning by airport capacity planners. This important planning aims to lay out possible future scenarios for planners to help be ready for any sort of recovery.
Join our webinar in which we will discuss an approach to scenario planning of terminal operations to successfully manage the recovery from COVID-19:
-  Finding the right balance between safety and efficiency
-  Being flexible and prepared for any kind of operating scenario
-  Keeping passenger confidence high
Make sure that airport operations are viable with the new health and safety measures in place!

  • Rakesh Krishnan

    Senior Exe – Airport Planning, Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL)

  • Elias Braun

    Senior Consultant, BEONTRA

  • Gergely Földes

    Innovations Manager, BEONTRA

  • Lena Renner

    Senior Sales Manager, BEONTRA

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