Discussing Foreign Exchange Function & Sound Financial Management

Optimising the foreign exchange function of your business and conducting sound financial management principles during uncertain times.

Offshore FX is a boutique multi-banked foreign exchange service provider and works with importers and exporters of all sizes.

The webinar will touch on:

  • Optimising the Foreign Ex​​​​​​​change Function

    The importance of optimising the foreign exchange function of your business. Covering important treasury functions like maximising profit on foreign exchange payments, having more control on your payment processes, hedging and exploring if your bank is the right fit for your FX needs.

  • Sound Financial Management

    Manage cashflows to maximise profitability
    Plans to manage cashflow deficits and surpluses
    Are cashflow risks properly managed - forex exposure, major debtor exposure, lender covenants
    Plans to fund growth and expansion

  • Neil Barker

    Webinar Host

  • Andre Claassen

    Webinar Host

  • Dean Meyer

    Webinar Host

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