About The Webinar

About the Webinar:
North Carolina and Wisconsin are the ONLY two states that deny unemployment benefits to workers with disabilities. Join us to learn why this is a BIG deal and undermines economic progress for people with disabilities and the companies looking to hire them.

​​​​​​​We are incredibly honored and excited to feature Victor Foreberger in our conversation. He's not only a leading national expert, he's in the trenches representing people in WI that have been denied unemployment and PAU during this pandemic. Click here to learn more and read his awesome blogs.

What You Will Learn:
This 60-minute webinar is designed to review the laws as they stand today and how you can help drive much-needed change.

Speaker Profiles:

  • Learn about the laws in North Carolina and Wisconsin

  • Discuss why this matters for the 1/2 million workers disproportionately harmed by these unjust laws and the employers that hire them

  • Lindsey Braciale

    Social Entrepreneur & Disability Disruptor
    CEO at Advocations

  • Victor Foreberger

    Victor Forberger is a labor and employment attorney living in Wisconsin.

  • Nicole Reina

    Business owner in North Carolina and notable advocate for disability inclusion

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