​​​​​​​F R E E  M A S T E R C L A S S

5 Steps To Defeat Stress & Anxiety, Recharge Your Energy, and Get Your Spark Back in Midlife & Beyond
(. . .so your second half of life is happy, healthy, and fulfilling)


  • The step-by-step plan our clients use to get off the "hamster wheel" and back to feeling inner peace and fulfillment no matter what challenges they're faced with.

  • Why aging, menopause, and outside circumstances are NOT the REAL reasons for feeling drained and overwhelmed with a myriad of disruptive symptoms . . . And how our clients get to the root cause of their suffering so they 'come back to life' for good.

  • The exact strategy they use to banish negative thoughts and calm their racing mind so they can stop putting life on hold and get back to being the confident, active, motivated woman they used to be.

  • How any woman in midlife can get out from under the emotional baggage and trauma of the past and actually feel excited about the present and the future again.

  • The truth about 'healthy diets'  and exercise . . .  And why so many women still struggle despite eating well and getting plenty of physical activity.

  • And, how we do ALL of the above without the need to design life around limitations, medications, strict diets, or years of talk therapy.

  • Coach Sue Hughes, MSEd, HHP, CNC

    Your host, Sue Hughes, is a leading expert in reversing the negative effects of stress and aging on mental and physical well-being in women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond. Through her flagship program, Midlife Momentum™, she has helped hundreds of women get their energy and inner peace back and experience a healthy, happy, and fulfilling second half of life.

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