Business Beyond the Pandemic

Learning to create a pathway forward to develop, grow, and sustain your aesthetic medical business through challenging times and beyond

About Our Panelist Discussion:

History can be a great teacher. In many ways we learn from our mistakes.

During this 75-minute panel discussion, we will look at the extraordinary Pandemic of 2020 from multiple perspectives with a historical bias dating from the Spanish Flu to the financial collapse of 2008. How did we get here, and more importantly, how do we survive?

Our panelists will take a deep dive into the long-term impacts of the pandemic, what changes in medical spas were accelerated by the pandemic, changes in consumer behaviors, and the critical steps needed to survive!

 you need a recovery plan (or exit strategy) for your medical spa or aesthetic practice, we invite you to join us! Our distinguished business panel, sponsored by Bridgewater Holdings, is composed of industry experts from a variety of verticals, all of whom have a long and rich history in aesthetics, economics, and in finance. Attendee participation is encouraged!

  • State of the Aesthetics Industry:
    Dennis Condon, Chairman of Suneva

  • State of the Economy: Jim Phillips, Founder of RivuvaMD & Bridgewater Holdings

  • State of Politics: Jay Lucas, Co-Founder of Bain Capital & CEO of Lucas Brand Equity

  • State of Medicine: Dr. Mark Richards, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

  • State of the Medical Spa Industry: Mark Greenspan, Founder of BeautyFix

  • Jamie Adkins

    Webinar Host & Moderator | VP & COO of MedResults, LLC

  • James Phillips

    Webinar Coordinator | Founder of RinuvaMD and Bridgewater Holdings

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