​​​​​​​WEBINAR - 9TH April 2020

TIME: 1400-1430 

Pandemics Cause the Worst Kind of Supply Chain Disruption in Large Enterprises: Learn About dltledgers’s Ready-To-Use, Plug-And-Play Platform That Will Facilitate Business Continuity & Help Recover Losses Today
COVID-19 has highlighted the vulnerability of cross-border supply chain systems.   Today, global businesses are forced to reexamine the feasibility of their centuries-old, paper-driven supply chain models. Post SARS, while newer more efficient strategies were put in place to tackle global crises, they were almost a decade ago.
Now, once again, businesses are reallocating resources to design supply chain systems that will facilitate business continuity. Large enterprises are investing on expertise to invent secure, collaborative solutions to get up-and-running as quickly as possible. It’s a fight against time, to recover losses incurred and counteract global trade disruption. But while we wait for innovative models to be tested and adopted by the industry, we at dltledgers already have a platform in place to streamline your disrupted supply chain.
With 45+ banks and 350+ customers already on-board, our blockchain-based inter-enterprise solution can digitize your supply chain end-to-end. More to the point, our live, dynamic ready-to-use, plug-and-play modules can be configured to blend in seamlessly with your existing models to facilitate regular trade flows. Think of your most pressing issue right now – working capital for suppliers.
If suppliers cannot access funding, they’re unable to ensure a committed supply of stock. The result - interrupted production for you. Moreover, large enterprises, also need an updated, quicker system to onboard, manage and deliver working capital to their thousands of suppliers. Meanwhile banks and financiers need to optimize their trade finance operations. Our agile platform can immediately be deployed to all your stakeholders, addressing their individual needs to prevent further losses.
dltledgers lets you assume leadership in your trade cycle by literally digitizing your entire value chain in a couple of weeks. Imagine thousands of your suppliers, held accountable for every transaction, thus delivering committed stocks and uninterrupted production. Working capital has never been more important for suppliers of large enterprises around the world. The pandemic is resulting in even more fiercely contended bids and reduced advanced payments from customers. The rising commodity prices are squeezing margins still further making it even harder for large enterprises to retain their suppliers.
In the midst of unpredictability, we propose our collaborative technology that lets you boost your supplier’s confidence and supports them with immediate access to working capital. With real-time accessibility to multiple, competitive financier offerings, your suppliers will receive financing immediately, thus in turn able to continue your trade flow with minimal disruption.
Our collaborative technology is already deployed by several organizations to combat the current crisis. If you are the business leader looking out for technologies to support you with the problem at hand; attend this webinar. You’ll learn how our collaborative network-based approach will get your suppliers get back on track. We’ll share insights such as; Is it hard to set up? Is your business a potential candidate?
Join Vinod Bang - VP, Adoption as he answers these questions and more. 

ABOUT THE SPEAKER : A seasoned leader who built many businesses over the last 15+ years in markets across Africa, Australia, Malaysia & Singapore. Vinod has expertise running P&Ls in multi supplier - multi distributor environment, setting up business operations with efficiently managing supply chain aligned with customers business.



  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​Supplier financing disruption during COVID - 5 mins ​​​​​​​

  • A new collaborative model with 45+ banks, logistics and suppliers - 15 mins​​​​​​​

  • Back to blackboard; Preparatory Phase (Concepts of our solution) - 10 mins ​​​​​​​

  • Onboard into Preparatory Phase – Our six-step model - 5 MINS
  • Vinod Bang Vice President – Sales Adoption

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