Lake County Community Resources 101

Discovering and Connecting to Needed Local Resources During COVID-19, and Beyond

Do you want to get a better handle on what services are available to help Lake County residents and how to connect to them?

This webinar will include the collective wisdom of multiple presenters who work with a variety of people in Lake County (families with young children, the elderly, school-aged children and youth, the homeless, etc.)  in a vareity of sectors (health care, behavioral health, social services, public schools).  Here's what you'll learn:

  • Resource Guides/Directories

    What local resource guides are available and how do you access and use them?

  • Common Requests in Lake County

    What are the most requested resources in the community and how do people access them?

  • Barriers to Service 

    What are the most common hurdles to connecting people to what they need and how they can be overcome.

  • Ana Santana

    L.C. Office of Education

  • Camille Cummins

    Health Leadership Network

  • Betsy Salmans

    Dept. of Social Services

  • Carrie Manning

    Dept. of Behavioral Health

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