Attention six-figure coaches, service providers and subject matter experts!

How I Automated My Business and Tripled My Revenue

Most people go into business for more time freedom, the problem is once they experience some success they start working 80 hours a week.

That was the case for me a couple of years ago. I was having six-figure months in my coaching business, but I was collapsing under the weight of everything I had to do and lost everything.

In this webinar, I share with you how I rebounded and completely automated my multi-six figure business. This allowed me to travel full-time for six months in 2023 and move to Mexico where I now live with my partner and our dog.

  • How I turned my business from being 90% outbound sales in 2022 to having over 60% of my revenue come inbound in 2023.

  • The specific automations I put into my business to automate sales. 

  • The biggest mistakes coaches, service providers and subject matter experts make when trying to scale beyond six figures. 

  • A deep dive into what I call an Effortless Sales Engine that does most of the work in the business for me, reduced my expenses by over 50%, reduced my task load by 84% and started increasing my sales automatically. 

  • Amanda Abella

    Webinar Host

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