How to Set Up a Powerful Paid Social Media Campaign 

Making Setting Up Ads a Breeze!

​​​​​​​So you've got a Facebook Ads account set up and you're stuck on what to do next? Or need some inspiration to start a campaign? Let's show you how... 

For those who are wanting to learn how to set up a Facebook and Instagram Ads campaign, join this free 90 minute session that will take you through the basics!

Spend time walking through an entire campaign setup, what your options are and how to efficiently spend your budgets to drive people to your website.
This training is perfect for beginners wanting to learn how to set up Facebook & Instagram Ad campaigns.

​​​​​​​We know that setting up ads can seem scary, but we pinky promise that NO prior experience is necessary...we also promise a total yawn free zone!

  • Karina May

    Webinar Host

  • Jordan Lomax

    Webinar Host

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