Attention! Live Webinar Coming Soon!

EAT Community Weekly Podcast - Talk with Dr. Wayne Dorband

We are so excited to be back with our Weekly EAT Special Live podcast!!!

We are so excited to be back with our Weekly EAT Special Live podcast with  Dr. Wayne Dorband, the mastermind behind the EAT paradigm!  

Talk to Dr. Wayne Dorband's podcast offers listeners valuable insights into a wide range of topics, including personal growth, business, leadership, and health. Dr. Dorband's expertise in these areas allows him to provide listeners with practical advice and actionable tips that can help them improve their lives. You would not want to miss this! 

What You Will Learn In The Webinar

  • Advancements in Environmental Technology: Explore the latest technologies driving change in environmental conservation and management.

  • Innovative Solutions in Aquatic Ecology: Understand cutting-edge approaches to preserving aquatic ecosystems and promoting biodiversity.

  • Entrepreneurial Success in the Environmental Sector: Discover the keys to building successful ventures that tackle environmental challenges while achieving economic growth.

  • Ask Real-Time Questions: Engage directly with Dr. Dorband by asking questions during the live session, providing a unique opportunity for personalized insights.

Webinar Host

  • Dr. Wayne Dorband

    Webinar Host & the mastermind behind the EAT Community!

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