How to Bring Prototyping into a Lean Process

Rapid and continuous prototyping is key to an effective product discovery process.

Each type of validation question requires a different prototype that can be built with various tools.

To know what type of prototype to build and at what level of fidelity requires an experienced designer.

  • Visualize & Validate​​​​​​​

    How to use rapid prototyping to quickly visualize and validate your ideas.

  • Prototype Fidelity​​​​​​​

    Each experiment will require a different fidelity level. Learn when to go deeper or stay shallower.

  • Prototyping Tools​​​​​​​

    What are the best tools in finding the match between quality and velocity.

  • Gerard Chiva

    Webinar Host

  • Oliver Jahn

    Webinar Speaker

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