Raising Your Frequency is Essential!

Do you know what a 'healthy' human body, or brain vibrates at?  Do you know what the frequency of diseases are? Learn HOW you can raise your frequency to support your health! Includes my new e-Book with presentation!

  • Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND, Iridologist

    Webinar Host

  • Everything is Frequency and Energy!

    Even the human body has a frequency.  Did you know you can't even get the FLU unless you are down to 58 Mhz?  Cancers are even lower.  

  • Discover Many Ways to Shift Your Frequency!

    We'll talk about everything from the sun, to the earth, to the power of your intention, grounding, and more!

  • Learn which foods CRASH your frequency...

    Discover which foods raise your frequency and which ones to avoid!  We'll talk about EMOTIONS too and how you can shift them easily.

  • Want to Know About Frequency Devices?

    I've been working with and teaching about using frequencies for healing for over 12 years.  Some devices are good, some are so-so, and some are great! Join me.

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