Transforming Enterprise-Wide Network Segmentation


CISOs are faced with the challenges of a growing number of threats while meeting more and more compliance directives. The new era of network segmentation has been designed to allow businesses to automate the identification and isolation of threats, without impacting operations. Despite network segmentation not being a new concept, adoption across the enterprise has been slow and when undertaken, often tedious – as typically organizations layer network segmentation on top of an existing network.

Advanced network segmentation requires traffic context. Having insight into what devices are communicating between each other and what counts as legitimate or illegitimate traffic is paramount for CISOs today. Forescout’s eyeSegment allows organizations to create a baseline of what is communicating with what and helps make sense of the network chaos associated with the volume and diversity of connected devices, matching the demand from businesses to secure critical applications, mitigate increased exposure due to IoT devices and block the lateral movement of threats across flat networks.

Key Takeaways:
- Why segmentation a top-priority for many organization?
- How to deploy network segmentation as part of your Zero Trust philosophy?
- The importance of analyzing traffic flows as part of your segmentation project

    • Doug Card

      Webinar Host: Senior Product Manager eyeSegment at Forescout Technologies Inc. Doug Card joined Forescout in 2019 as a Regional Product Manager covering the EMEA region. With a deep background in segmentation, Doug quickly moved into Forescout’s Segmentation and Orchestration Business Unit to focus on the eyeSegment technology. Doug’s role is to be a champion for segmentation within the EMEA region. The twin goals are to bringing awareness of our ground-breaking capability and be a direct feedback path for customer requirements into the product team to drive innovation. Doug has a decade of experience working on segmentation projects across campus, data centre and cloud. Prior to joining Forescout, Doug worked at Cisco, McAfee and Check Point in a variety of technical and architectural roles.

    • Chris Sherry

      Webinar Host: Chris Sherry joined ForeScout Technologies in 2016 as Regional Vice President, EMEA Central. After successfully growing the team and increasing revenue consistently over three years, he recently took on a new challenge and now leads the Central Team which covers the DACH region, Nordics and Benelux. In this role, he provides strategic and commercial leadership for ForeScout’s private and public sector programs in this region as well as driving customer awareness on technology use cases such as IT/OT convergence, ransomware and disruptionware. Chris is passionate about helping organizations embrace the proliferation of IoT devices and cloud adoption to enable better service and protect customer data. He regularly participates in speaking engagements on continuous monitoring, visibility, access control and automation. Prior to joining ForeScout Technologies, Chris worked in senior leadership roles for F5 and Dell.

    • Marko Ramö

      Webinar Host: Experienced security sales specialist, joined Forescout in 2019 and he is currently the Nordic Regional Manager. Several years of experience from Micro Focus security and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Security Software. Many years of Global Account Management with companies such as Verizon and Dell.

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