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Assessing the quality of life of a family pet is a delicate balance between managing client emotions, the progression of the disease, and the happiness of the pet but understanding common trends in both people and their pets, you can better identify their needs, address their concerns, and make a decision that does the "most good" for all involved.

  • Dr Mary Gardner is a veterinarian, innovator and professional speaker.  She was named DVM 360's Top Person to watch in 2018.

  • Geriatric medicine, the aging process in animals and teaching family’s practical ways to care and manage their elder pets is Dr Mary’s passion.

  • Dr Mary leads development for Lap of Love's proprietary web-based practice management software called Sunshine. The program is specifically designed for veterinary hospice and euthanasia services and also dynamically ties to the Lap of Love website to allow families the ability to locate the veterinarian closest to them.

  • Dr Mary Gardner

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  • Dr Karien Brink


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