HP Site Flow  
​​​​​​​– Connect, Automate and Scale with True Workflow Automation

About the Webinar

With global e-commerce sales rocketing towards $5 trillion, ignoring it is now not an option. But whatever W2P platform you choose, you must think about what happens next. HP Site Flow provides the answer by enabling you to automate the digital to physical at scale, regardless of product or device. So, let’s free your inbox. Let’s automate order ingest, pre-press, imposition, track and traceability, production, and shipping. Let’s do that thousands of times a day. Let’s stop talking about Industry 4.0. Let’s live and breathe it instead. Let’s connect.

  • Morten Bech Reitoft

    Editor INKISH

  • Kirk Lewis

    Global Head Site Flow Sales

  • Jacques Michiels

    CEO INKISH Benelux

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