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3D Printing of Buildings

Discover the technology that is reshaping the construction industry

Today, 3D printing is one of the fastest growing construction technologies, which opens new and exciting business opportunities for those determined to shape a better tomorrow. 
The construction industry has not experienced radical changes for too long. Now it is about to face a
disruption that will revolutionize the way we conceive of living spaces (and more).


    3D Printing provides an open innovation ecosystem for faster digital transformation in the construction industry and urban development.

    It allows for embracing a mass-market opportunity through the building segment in response to the fast-rising population and increasing demand for residential units.


    3D Printing accelerates the green growth of the building construction sector. It enables faster and more efficient construction technology with optimized resources.

    It is also the execution tool of architectural creativity and customization.


    To ensure the widespread adoption of 3D printing technology, both Social and Market acceptance must be secured.

    From a technical perspective, it is essential to accurately outline 3D printing technology with regulatory standards and building codes.

  • Bilal A. BAZ

    R&D Engineer at Holcim Innovation Center (HIC)

  • Alessandro Tassinari

    CEO of Keeen

  • Igor Ciminelli

    GM Titan | Disruptive Innovation Center, Founder School of Disruption

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