Building Metabolism

How construction becomes a living organism


Join us for a transformative webinar tailored for entrepreneurs, architects and designers, delving into the fascinating realm of Building Metabolism. Explore the dynamic interplay between structures and their environment, unlocking sustainable design potentials.
​​​​​​​Led by industry pioneers, this session promises innovative insights, empowering you to create spaces that harmonize with nature's rhythms.

  • Complexity of Buildings
    ​​​​​​​Buildings embody intricate systems, weaving functionality, aesthetics, and structural integrity. Balancing form and function, they stand as multifaceted marvels of design.

  • Life cycle of a Building​​​​​​
    A building's life cycle unfurls from inception to construction, utilization, maintenance, and eventual adaptation or demolition. Each phase demands thoughtful consideration.

  • ​​​​​​​Innovative Building Technologies
    Innovative building technologies revolutionize construction, from sustainable materials to smart systems, reshaping the industry towards efficiency, resilience, and environmental consciousness.

  • Igor Ciminelli

    Managing Director @School of Disruption

  • Nicolò Guariento

    Associate Director Technology @Future Cities Laboratory Global, ETH Zurich

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