Introduction to unconscious bias: Theory, social psychology, neuroscience, and impact
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​With Hannah Jepson and Anne-Marie Duguid

About The Webinar

Join Hannah Jepson and Anne-Marie Duguid for an introduction to unconscious bias. 

Webinar focus:

  • Understanding how bias links to diversity and inclusion, why it is important for organisations in education to understand this work
  • How to build the moral, strategic, and legal case for Diversity & Inclusion for people who might be blockers in this space  
  • Types of bias, how they manifest in individuals and how that impacts on organisational processes and culture
  • Exploring our own biases and how they might impact on our work/ decision making (staff, students, and parents)
  • Digging into the detail of our own contexts -How can we mitigate for bias in our own contexts? What practical things can we do at an individual and system level?
  • Commitment to action

​​​​Hannah Jepson  is a highly experienced business psychologist and committed to driving social change by helping organisations become more inclusive. In 2019, Hannah founded LGBTed, a national LGBTQ+ network in order to drive meaningful and sustainable social change through enabling greater LGBTQ+ visibility in the education system. As Director, she is a member of the National Equality and Diversity Forum for education and is currently working with the Department for Education and other national education organisations to develop the national LGBTQ+ education strategy. She is a published academic author and her work on the career experiences of gay women in the UK has been featured in an international research handbook exploring diversity and careers.
Anne-Marie Duguid is an experienced Director of Education with a demonstrated history of leading education at national and international level. Anne-Marie works alongside Stephen to embrace scalable and lasting change in education in an equitable way. She supports school leaders, strategic improvement and evidence informed pedagogy. One of the founding Directors of the College of Teaching, Anne-Marie passionately believed in empowering and celebrating the teaching profession

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