Stage Management: Performer Flying & Automation: Session #2

About the Masterclass:

Join Anna Robb as she talks through the steps of automated cue creation, from programming the first steps through to placing an act in a show from a stage management perspective. 

- Steps to cue creation: Working with the artist, the creatives, the riggers and the automation programmers.
- Safety Considerations: How to manage the cue creation steps safely, how to deal with act specific safety considerations and how be ready even before a performer leaves the floor.
- Artist preparation: Building an artists trust and confidence in the technical equipment and the operating team behind it. 
- Build up of the act: You have the cues, how to make it show ready.
- Artist build up for show: Some of the stages the artist may need to go through before validating and performing a new act in a show. 
- Standard Operating Procedures: How to keep things safe in the long term. 

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About Anna: 

​​​​​​​In Anna's 20 year career, she has had over 10 years experience in performer flying and has been involved as a stage manager on the creation of The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil and as production stage manager on The House of Dancing Water by Dragone Entertainment Group as well as numerous one off events requiring performer flying.  Anna has been involved in creating a variety of automated acts, creating complex automated sequences and running those sequences safely on long term running shows. 
New York:     Friday 18 September, 10:00
London:          Friday 18 September, 15:00
Dubai:             Friday 18 September,, 18:00
New Delhi:   Friday 18 September, 19:30
Hong Kong:  Friday 18 September, 22:00
Sydney:          Saturday 19 September, 00:00
​​​​​​​Auckland:      Saturday 19 September, 02:00

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