Webinar UGC#3: Making Urban Farming Work

About The Webinar

In the third webinar of our series, three experts in the field of indoor farming will discuss elements essential to make urban farming work.

Prof Leo Marcelis (WUR) will talk about different indoor farming systems and their applicability. What indoor farming system suits your purposes best and what are the most important factors to consider?
Dr. Hilke Bos-Brouwers (WUR) will introduce the ‘circularity by design’ framework that will help you to come up with a truly sustainable design. Where do you start and what steps do you take next?
Finally, Daniel Podmirseg (VFI) will dive into the topic of energy efficiency. How can you measure and optimize energy consumption of a vertical farm? Daniel will give you some helpful tools to deal with this issue.

An interesting event and very useful for the design of your concept for the Urban Greenhouse Challenge#3!

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