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Rollover, Stay Put, or Withdraw

About the Webinar

When you leave your employment, what should you do with the retirement plan left behind?  Well, the best advice we can give is: It depends on your unique circumstance!  

Learn why its important to consider:  When will you need access to the funds? What is the control and flexibility you will require over your assets? What impact will this decision have on your heirs;  And, will creditor protection be necessary?

In this webinar learn:

  • Reasons to leave assets in the company plan.

  • Reasons to Rollover into an IRA.

  • Things to consider prior to Withdrawals.

  • Joseph Disalvo

    ChFC, AIF, Best Selling Author, Webinar Host

  • Marie Madarasz

    AIF, Best Selling Author, Webinar Host

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