Wine Australia’s Strategic Plan 2020 – 25 and Annual Operational Plan

Join Wine Australia CEO Andreas Clark who will introduce the newly released Wine Australia Strategic Plan 2020–25. This Plan provides a pathway to support profitable, resilient and sustainable winegrape and wine businesses and addresses key issues including growing value, export, wine tourism, innovation, climate change, sustainability and biosecurity. In addition, Andreas will introduce the Annual Operational Plan outlining Wine Australia’s plans for the next 12 months. Also hear from Stu Barclay – Wine Australia’s GM Marketing, Dr Liz Waters – Wine Australia’s GM Research, Development and Adoption and Rachel Triggs – Wine Australia’s General Counsel and GM – Market Access in this webinar which is not to be missed!

  • Andreas Clark

    CEO, Wine Australia

  • Stu Barclay

    General Manager - Marketing

  • Dr Liz Waters

    General Manager, Research Development and Adoption

  • Rachel Triggs

    General Counsel and General Manager Market Access

  • Kate Harvey

    Webinar Host

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