Dissecting "The Social Dilemma"

About the Webinar

How do we start talking about an invisible force that drives you from morning to night with you knowing? 

A lot has been written about “The Social Dilemma”, a Netflix documentary with some calling it a propaganda against social media networks while helpless social media addicts strongly believe otherwise. In this conversation today we will unpack some of the central themes of this film ranging from the veracity in the business model portrayed to surveillance capitalism. We will question the invisible force that has been accused of shaping the personalities of its users to suit the unfair gains of these platforms.

  • Kritika Padode

    Board Member, Vijaybhoomi University

  • Apar Gupta

    Lawyer and the Executive Director of the Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF)

  • Devdutta Mukhopadhyay

    Associate Counsel at Internet Freedom Foundation

  • Anushka Jain

    Lawyer and Policy Researcher

  • Armaan Bamzai


  • Raseel Arora


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