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Willathon 365 Challenge
How to overcome procrastination?

A 60-minute webinar to know yourself better through the WILL Lens. Learn to recognize the twin voices that speak to you. The voice of your soul and the voice of your body. Get control over your body to follow through on your true desires and wishes.

Understand the essence of keeping your word to keep your will.

Get to know yourself better and improve your WILL by 1% every day. 

If you have any issues registering for this webinar then do reach out over WhatsApp to (+91) 89511 40598

  • Capt. Preetham Madhukar

    Webinar Host & Presenter. Founder of Skills Beyond Education

  • Will Lens

    A method curated to help people continuously work on themselves through their WILL and to view the world, the people and themselves through this lens.

  • Gatekeeper Task

    A simple and powerful task that can positively transform your will strength and your lifestyle. 

  • Will 365

    How to overcome your procrastination through this 365 days powerful personal transformation program.

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