Winning Websites for NGOs

I am not going to teach you how to become a web developer in this webinar but I will explain everything around websites. Understanding the technicalities - the importance of setting up a pixel as well as layout, content and copy and a whole lot of other things.

A website is your most important marketing tool. ​​​​​​​

Whether you have a website, don’t have a website or want to upgrade your website, this is a must-watch training session.  

  • What should my domain be?

    Registering the domains relevant to your services, is crucial in protecting your brand.  

  • How do I use my website to raise funds?​​​​​

    Your website is a vital element in your fundraising strategy.  

  • Is your website a fundraising tool or merely an online leaflet? Your website should be a "working horse" not a "lazy donkey" sleeping under a tree in cyberspace . . :-) 

  • How many people visited your website today?
    Do you have the info at your fingertips of how many poeple visit your website today?

  • Annelise de Jager

    Webinar Host

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