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Post-Corona Recovery - How Hydrogen could contribute

About the Webinar

Hydrogen technologies as the core of a EU recovery plan. Clean Hydrogen is a perfect partner to the Green Deal in Europe, enabling the realisation of its climate, environmental and economic development goals.

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The economic crisis which is very likely to follow the COVID-19 pandemic may cause a significant delay to the adoption and commercial roll-out of clean hydrogen. It may even permanently endanger the capacity of the clean hydrogen sector to take-up its role as the missing link in the energy transition. Swift, decisive and coordinated action is necessary to address any risks and, at least, dampen the negative impact that they may have on the deployment of clean hydrogen technologies and on our transition to a net carbon, yet powerful and wealthy economy. 

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    The webinar outlines the need for and rationale behind rapid action as a result of the coronavirus impact.

  • Take Action
    Why should action be taken und what can be done from the hydrogen community?

  • Q&A Session
    Jorgo Chatzimarkakis will answer the questions of the participants at the end of the webinar.

  • Jorgo Chatzimarkakis

    Secretary General, Hydrogen Europe

  • Silke Frank (Host)

    CEO, Mission Hydrogen GmbH

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