Technology at the Core of Product Discovery

Modern product organizations understand that technology is not a cost but a business enabler. Product Teams must involve engineering in product discovery.

A product team with excellent product discovery habits has a tremendous competitive advantage.​​​​​​​

Engineers must get involved in the continuous product discovery process. Learn how to leverage technology, team organization and practices to facilitate this learning process.

  • Why every team needs Product Discovery​​​​​​​

    To build and maintain software is very costly and is a liability to minimize. Product Discovery allows us to be efficient and put the focus on building the right thing.

  • Real product teams​​​​​​​

    Empowered engineers are the best single source for innovation and product discovery.

  • Our systems should facilitate Product Discovery

    The design and architecture of anything we build should be optimized for learning and discovery.

  • Gerard Chiva

    Webinar Host

  • Eduardo Ferro

    Webinar Speaker

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