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C-10 Summit

About the Seminar

Join us for Caliber 10 Summits!

Caliber 10, the collaboration program for high caliber business owners in the Pro Painter Network, hosts monthly summits where you can learn about top level leadership development information and business-building principles.

​​​​​​​We’ll cover:

Family in business
​​​​​​​Decision- making and Business Biases
Defining success
Chasing the s-curve in Business Survival
Your Real Customer Journey
Cognitive Failures
Building balanced teams/ profiling
Mixing with Industry-Leading Elites
Writing/Speaking with Power
Growth mindset
Giving people their why
Dominance Hierarchies in Business Ambition
Systems that create A players
Cognitive Flow personal growth and team engagement
Yin & Yang: a conversation with management teams

*C-10 Summits are only open to C-10 group participants.

  • Nick May

    Webinar Host

  • Chris Shank

    Webinar Host

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