It's Hemp/CBD Planting Time !!

Get Xpert Tips & Advice From
​​​​​​​Jeremy Klettke - Owner Of Davis Hemp Farms
​​​​​​​ & Guest Panelists QUALSCORE & Xfive.

About The Webinar

In this exclusive webinar  we will be going over the following topcis:

  • How to create a germination space.

  • How to select the right materials and media (flats/inserts/soil/plugs).

  • What is the proper germination environment?

  • How to harden your plants for field readiness?

  • Live Q&A

  • Jason Cragholm


  • Jeremy Klettke

    Owner of Davis Hemp Farms

  • Sean Sumner

    Webinar Host

  • Bartek Piskorski

    X Five

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