On the Problem of Conflict Resolution Processes

Webinar Series 2020 - 2021​​​​​​​

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This webinar series consists of 12 webinars for students, youth leaders and youth peace activists, on various topics related to Human Rights, Nonviolence and Conflict Resolution, Leadership, and SDGs, presented by experts in the field of Peace Building, including Nobel Peace Laureates and Organisations.

The webinars form part of the Permanent Secretariat's Youth Program, Leading by Example, and the series is presented in partnership with the Gandhi King Foundation (India).


On the Problem of Conflict Resolution Processes
​​​Referring to his own experience of governing Colombia (2010-2018) and, in particular, signing a peace agreement with the guerrilla group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), President Juan Manuel Santos explains the mechanisms and ways of resolving conflicts and negotiating peace treaties.

Following the lecture by President Santos, Ms Paula Gaviria Betancur, the Executive Director of Compaz Foundation, will respond to questions from the audience, based on her active involvement in the drafting of the victims’ chapter on the Final Peace Agreement signed between the Colombian Government and the FARC.

  • Juan Manuel Santos was the President of Colombia, from 2010 to 2018, and the sole recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016 for “his resolute efforts to bring the country’s more than 50- year-long civil war to an end”.

    Before being President, he was Minister of Foreign Trade, Minister of Finance and Minister of Defense.

    Santos graduated from the Colombian Naval Academy in Cartagena. He holds a Business and Economics degree from the University of Kansas and did post-graduate studies in the London School of Economics, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and in Harvard University, where he obtained a Master’s in Public Administration.

    He is currently the Chairman of the Board of COMPAZ Foundation, which he created to promote peace, protect the environment and fight poverty. He is also part of The Elders and the Global Commission on Drug Policy, as well as a member of the board of the International Crisis Group and the Wildlife Conservation Society. He is a visiting professor at Oxford University. In addition, he was recently elected as a member of the Rockefeller Foundation Board of Trustees, and he was appointed as Arnhold Distinguished Fellow by Conservation International.

    His latest book is “An optimistic message for a world in crisis.”

    Santos is married and has two sons, one daughter, one granddaughter and one grandson.

  • Ms Paula Gaviria Betancur is the Executive Director of the Compaz Foundation. She is a lawyer and journalism specialist, with postgraduate degrees in public opinion and political marketing. Ms Gaviria is the former Presidential Advisor for Human Rights in Colombia.
    She was appointed as a member of the United Nations Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement in December 2019. 
    Paula set up and directed The Victims Unit for more than four years, a government entity in charge of assisting and compensating eight million people affected by conflict. For this work, she was awarded the José Edgardo Campos Collaborative Leadership Award 2016, by the World Bank.
    She was actively involved in the drafting of the victims’ chapter on the Final Peace Agreement signed between the Colombian Government and the FARC-EP, where she advocated the inclusion of the victims’ voices in the dialogue process.
    Previously, Ms Gaviria led initiatives at the Social Foundation, directing the area of ​​Advocacy in Public Policy and as a Human Rights and Peace Consultant. She also served as Comunnications’ Chief of the Constitutional Court, as well as private secretary of the Ombudsman, where she later was in charge of the National Directorate for the Promotion and Disclosure of Human Rights.
    She has done specialized courses in human rights such as the Transitional Justice Fellowship in South Africa and the International Visitors Leaderhip Program of the U.S State Department.
    In 2020, she was awarded the “Women of the Decade” award by the Women Economic Forum thanks to her work and commitment to women’s empowerment for many years.

  • Ms Ekaterina Zagladina has worked as the President of the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates since 2006, when she was nominated to serve in the role by former USSR President, Nobel Peace Laureate, and founder of the World Summit, Mikhail Gorbachev. Since then, the Summit has grown substantially at an international level in every dimension.

    ​​​​​​​A practicing attorney, Ms. Zagladina has served on the senior legal teams of Ernst &Young, Ruperti Project Services International, and Volkswagen Financial Services of Russia. She holds degrees in International Law and Linguistics and Interpreting, both from Moscow State University. Ms. Zagladina is a member of the Moscow Region Bar Association, which is attached to the Ministry of Justice of Russia.

    As President of the Permanent Secretariat, her main objectives are to assist Nobel Peace Laureates and Organizations spread their messages of peace and to inspire ordinary citizens and governments alike to achieve peace through dialogue and understanding. She believes deeply in the ideologies of the Nobel Peace Prize and the mission of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates. Ms. Zagladina lives in Paris and speaks four languages, including Russian, English, Italian, and Spanish.

  • President Juan Manuel Santos

    Nobel Peace Laureate and former President of Colombia

  • Ms Paula Gaviria Betancur

    Executive Director of the Compaz Foundation

  • Ms Ekaterina Zagladina

    President of the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

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