Activate the Vagus Nerve to Reduce Your Stress!
Join Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND for this important health webinar to learn how to quickly and easily reduce your stress response. 

  • Learn how the autonomic nervous works!  

    Understand WHY it is SO important to relax chronic stress to reduce the damaging effects it has on your body!

  • How to Instantly Reduce the Stress Response

    Allow your body to go back into rest and repair mode quickly.  Improves digestion, hormones, immune function, blood sugar, and you will even sleep better and reduce aging!

  • Learn quick and easy techniques!

    Dr. Jane will share many secrets to instantly relaxing the stress by activating the Vagus Nerve quickly, and most are FREE and easy to do anytime. 

  • Learn the Adrenal Stress Draining Meditation

    I will share a simple and easy meditation to drain cellular stress that has accumulated in the adrenals, bringing down ALL your endocrine glands.  Amzing and simple! Don't miss it!

  • Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND, MH, Iridologist

    Webinar Host

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