How to work with PET FILM Printer - Desktop Vs Production ?

Do you own a Factory or small printer shop which pet film printer you need to buy .. ? 
join us .... to get complete indepth knowledge of this latest technology

How many options or models i have in PET FILM Printer ?

If i have a micro size print shop to print on Garments what whould i do ? 

  • Is Chinese Pet Film Printer Reliable ?

    We got hands on experience on Chinese make Pet Film Printer we will share with you in Webinar. Dont waste your money without knowing the production. 

  • Which Printer do I need for Factory or Shop or hobby ?

    We will explain what options do you have now ! Chinese or India or DIY type

  • Is EPSON L1800 is good to use as PET Film Printer ?

    L1800 EPSON Ink tanks printer can to converted into Pet Film Printer but is that okay to spend 650$-800$ ?

  • Is White ink causing problems with Printer ?

    White ink is unstable when not in use for long time, so how much tie it will take to get the head block.

  • Davinder Sharma

    Webinar Host

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