Learn How You Can Get Your
Interior Design MBA Certificate In Only 24 Weeks (IDMBA)

Register for the 40 minute information session hosted by David Shepherd where he will share why he created an "MBA" program just for interior designers.  By attending you'll get the several takeaways as you consider enrolling in the IDMBA Program.

  • David Shepherd

    University Professor and Interior Design Business Coach

  • You'll learn the four variables under your control when it comes to running a profitable interior design practice.

  • Did you know there is just one false belief holding most interior designers back from earning what they deserve?

  • After all these years, there is finally an MBA program for interior designers. You can earn your certificate in just 24 weeks and take total control of your business.

  • You'll see exactly how one designer applied these principles and increased her earnings over 300% in less than a year.

  • Master The 3 C’s — competence, confidence, and control.

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