Write Up Your Paper in a Week (or Two)

Are you putting off writing your manuscript?

Writing a research paper doesn’t have to be a long and tedious process. Here we show you how you can write up your manuscript quickly & effectively in a week or two.

This masterclass is suited for you if your research field belongs to ​​life sciences, natural sciences, or quantitative social sciences. ​​​​​​​​​​It’s especially relevant if you present your results in tables and figures,
​​​​​​​and write the
paper around them.

Register even if you can't be there live: you can later watch the recording.

In this masterclass you learn:

  • how to pick a suitable journal for your paper (and why you should do it before you start writing)

  • how to create a coherent storyline for your results (and what else you need to prepare for effective writing)

  • how to write up the whole manuscript in a week or two (and why it is a good idea to do so)

  • how to revise your manuscript draft effectively (and why peer feedback is an invaluable tool in this process)

  • Dr. Martina Michalikova

  • Dr. Kerstin Minnich

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