Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

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Overcome this unjustified saboteur ...

You likely know what we're talking about ... the feeling of never being "good enough" ... holding yourself back because of pervasive feelings of shame and self-doubt ... the constant worry/anxiety of not measuring up or fear of being outed as a fraud.

...It can often trap us in a cycle of self-doubt, erode our courage and confidence, undermine our success, and lead to missed opportunities, unfulfilled goals, and a tendency to hide or hold ourselves back.

Sound familiar?...

[Sigh😔] ... Let's take a deep breath and acknowledge how challenging and debilitating Imposter Syndrome can be.

And Lisa wants to help you begin to overcome imposter syndrome in your life.

Here's what she'll talk about: 

💜 What is Imposter Syndrome and two main reasons why it shows up in our psyche

💜 Why Imposter Syndrome is a normal part of growth and evolution

​​​​​​​💜 How to work with Imposter Syndrome at a Nervous System level and create a more balanced perspective

💜 How to overcome this unjustified saboteur and step into a greater sense of worth and identity

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  • Lisa Dion

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