Avoid consequential damage in the event of a fire with Inergen

About The Webinar

Reduce insurance claims and ensure customers with the best advice for avoiding downtime, loss of assets, damaged buildings and injury in the event of fire.
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Traditionally, many companies choose sprinklers for fire protection because this solution is generally pre-accepted. But there are alternatives that provide businesses with far better security in the event of a fire. With an Inergen fully automatic extinguishing system, customers avoid downtime, destroyed valuables and the clean-up work after extinguishing a fire.

Use 30 minutes at this webinar and learn how Inergen quickly and effectively - typically in just 40 seconds - extinguishes a fire before it develops.

Inergen consists of naturally occurring gases that are in the atmosphere. Inergen is completely harmless to humans. No water or chemicals are used. And there is no damage and cleaning up of the extinguishing agent following a fire.
It is an effective and future-proof solution without harmful effects on the environment, valuables, buildings or people.

With Inergen as a fire extinguishing solution, both you and your customers sleep well at night.

  • Agenda

    - What is Inergen?

    - How does it work?

    - Effective fire protection without downtime and damage to valuables

    - A sustainable and future-proof fire extinguishing technology

    - Safe for humans

  • Henrik Almind Vind, Head of Risk Management, Gjensidige Forsikring:

    “I am always very pleased when customers choose an automatic room extinguishing system to protect rooms that are vital to operations or that contain items of great value. It provides security both for the customer and for us as an insurance company to know that the solution chosen quickly and efficiently extinguishes fire without causing any consequential damage. Customers are often surprised when we point out the risk of a fire in, for example, a technical room, server room or the like, and how much disruption it would cause in daily operations.”

  • Lars Lerche

    Webinar Host, Specialist at Fire Eater, former firefighter

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