How To Start An eCommerce Business In Malaysia - Without Any Technical Skill

Although many people may see 2020 as an economic crisis year, it has also opened up the biggest opportunity for eCommerce. Today, many Malaysians are buying products online. In fact, according to, Malaysia’s eCommerce market is worth US$ 4.3 billion for 2020.

We believe, there's a HUGE OPPORTUNITY in this crisis today, are you seeing it too?

Master The 3-Step To Launch An eCom Business In 24 Hours Or Less

Hi, my name is Patric Chan and in this on-demand workshop, I'll be showing how any Malaysian can start selling products online, even during this uncertain economy. In fact, I'll demostrate how anyone who's interested can get started in 30 minutes by following the a simple strategy and using a software platform.

Why Is The Workshop Free?

To start selling online, we'll need a platform for managing and automating the eCommerce business. During the workshop, I'll be demostrating our platform and make it available for anyone interested to sign up for a trial. But even without it, you can still use the idea and strategies taught in the free workshop.
Apart Than The 3-Step System To Launch, Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Workshop...

  • What To Sell Online? The simple "buy sell" strategy of finding products for your eCom business, as quickly as within hours

  • No Store Needed? How to start selling online without spending days or even weeks of building an eCommerce store

  • How to avoid the biggest mistake made by newbies when they want to launch an online eCommerce business

  • The 1-page eCom business - No programming skill and no websites needed.  Just 1 page to start taking orders. I'll demo this in the Workshop!

  • Patric Chan

    Best Selling Author of 3 Books and #1 Internet Marketing Pioneer

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