Lunch Break: Sound Meditation 
Begin the New Year

About Lunch Break

Take a break if you want to!

Here at Shopify, we think you deserve a break. It’s a stressful time and we know you need to check off the to-do list but this segment is about YOU.

Lunch Break is here to help you breathe, stretch, scream, take a minute and relax. Do you.

About the Event

Join AJA, The Spirit Guide Coach, for a guided session that will walk us through how set positive intentions for the new year. 

​​​​​​​A sound meditation will help us to activate and receive signs, symbols, words and images that will guide us toward a deeper connection and understanding of our passions, hopes and dreams.

​​​​​​​WHEN: January 13 @ 12:30pm PST

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  • AJA Daashuur

    AJA is The Spirit Guide Coach: a Medium, Past Life Regression Integrator (Certified by Dr. Brian Weiss) and founder of Spirit House Collective.

  • Spirit House Collective

    Spirit House Collective (est. 2017) is a WOC-founded metaphysical community dedicated to spreading healing through the guiding pillars of diversity, inclusivity, accessibility, and education.

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