iPHA Q&A Session with PHI: Professional Certification and Training with Susanne Winkel

About The Webinar

Join the team from the International Passive House Association for their new series: iPHA Q&A with PHI!

Once a month, Carl and Giorgia will sit down with experts from different departments at the Passive House Institute to hear about the work they do, what they offer and how you can make the most of those offerings! The sessions will include an introductory presentation, followed by a Q&A session where you can get your questions answered!

The next session will feature Susanne Winkel, Head of Professional Certification and Training.

  • Learn the basics, find out how PHI Professional Certification and Training works from Susanne Winkel, Head of Professional Certification and Training!

  • Get your questions answered, submit questions in advance or ask them live during the session!

  • Find out more, hear about further resources to expand your Training and Professional Certification knowledge!

  • Giorgia Tzar

    Webinar Host

  • Carl Halbach

    Webinar Host

  • Susanne Winkel

    Webinar Host

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