• Main Street Growth Act

    The Main Street Growth Act is a small but mighty capital markets bill you’ve never heard of that is about to create a new era of economic opportunity and prosperity.t

  • Venture Stock Exchanges

    The new legislation allows for the creation of a new type of stock exchange called a venture exchange. Unlike crowdfunding and other early-stage capital raising opportunities, this will provide access to a liquid capital marketplace where investors can buy and sell stock in businesses at an early stage.

  •  Access to Capital and Liquidity

    92% of all jobs within a company are created after that company has access to a liquid capital marketplace currently only available by conducting an IPO. Over the last 20 years, however, the number of companies that have gone public at an early stage has declined dramatically and not recovered.

A New Marketplace for Access to Early-Stage Growth Companies​​​​​​​

A new marketplace is being created specifically designed to open access to liquidity for Early-Stage Growth Companies, also known as ESGC’s. ESGC investing is about to become the most effective way to build wealth, expand our economy, create jobs and help “main street” businesses access “wall street funding”.

  • Joe Cecala

    CEO and Founder of Dream Exchange Contributing Author of Main Street Growth Act

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